Dear Colleagues,

          I am very happy to see our journal back to publish after a standstill for some time.
It will flourish only by all our efforts and scientific contribution, something I am sure we will all share.
         Our Neurosurgical society was founded 37years ago, one of the oldest in our field and we deserve a journal that speaks to the world about our continues scientific contributions.

        The new edition is aiming to reach to international levels and to be recognized worldwide
        I wish to express my sincere thanks to Professor Ahmed Zohdi for his great and persistent effort to put back our journal to life. Special thanks to Professor Abdel Wahab Ibrahim who kept alone our electronic site and publication. We will not forget our Professor Mohamed Lotfy who carried the task of publication and editing for a long time.

     Finally all the best and waiting for your contributions.

   Professor  Hossam El Husseiny
   President of ESNS



         Dear friends and colleagues, members of the Egyptian Society of Neurological  Surgeons it is my pleasure and honor to introduce to you this new issue of the Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery the official scientific journal of our society in a new form , a lot of effort is being done by the new editorial board to pave the way for this journal towards internationality, thanks to Prof.  Zohdi and his team and many thanks for Professors Zidan and Lotfy who carried the job sincerely and effortlessly throughout the past issues. A look for a new horizon for our journal should be our aim and we all should participate in making its success and publicity to reflect a real image about the neurosurgical practice in Egypt and to encourage neurosurgeons from allover the world to make their publications in it, this what we deserve as the first country to practice neurosurgery in Arab world, Middle east and Africa. Looking forward for your active input in the coming issues, I am honored again to present in this issue some aspects of my humble experience in treatment of lumbar spinal canal stenosis.

     Hope you and our society all the best.

Prof Dr Sherif Ezzat, MD
2nd Vice President WFNS
President MENS
Honorary President PANS
Honorary President ESNS
Prof. of Neurosurgery
Al Azhar University 
Cairo Egypt
         It is with great pleasure to write an editorial for the Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery. For many years, I have been closely affiliated to Egyptian Neurosurgery. Cairo University and University medicine Greifswald have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in research, education, and training programs to start a fruitful collaboration in the field of neurosurgery. The  focus is on exchange of young neurosurgeons and residents to widen their neurosurgical
experience and knowledge. Furthermore, scientific workshops will be performed. The first Egyptian research fellow who spent two years in Greifswald published several papers in prestigious neurosurgical journals and was successful in obtaining the German academic degree as Dr. med.. The second research fellow has been in Greifswald now for more than one year. I sincerely hope that we can further intensify the collaboration between Egyptian and German neurosurgery.
         An important vehicle to spread the latest research results and developments is a neurosurgical journal. Therefore, I appreciate that Ahmed Zohdi has taken the effort to reanimate the Egyptian  Journal of Neurosurgery. In my opinion, the Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery is an important  part of the activities of the Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons. It should become the  leading neurosurgical journal of the entire region. I encourage all Egyptian neurosurgeons and  residents to submit manuscripts of their latest research results to thisjournal to increase its  international reputation. Finally, I wish that the political situation in Egypt will be stabilized to enable a normal life which is the basis for the wealth and prosperity of the Egyptian nation .
Prof. Dr. med. Henry W. S. Schroeder
Universit├Ątsmedizin Greifswald
Klinik f├╝r Neurochirurgie, Germany